Honest Thrive Market Review

Thrive Market: Is it Worth It?

After getting served a Thrive Market ad for the millionth time, I cracked and decided to check them out. In order to even view their product offering and pricing, you have to create a login. I’m super crazy about that, but I got over it, figuring I already get a ton of junk, promotional emails, what’s one more? So, I rolled the dice and signed up for a free trial. Below is my 100% honest review (FYI – I make zero dollars on this blog right now… ZERO).

How Thrive Market Works

Thrive Market Haul

It’s like Costco, only online. And for organic / ethically sourced products. And most of the time, not bulk quantities. Just cheaper than what you’d pay at places like Whole Foods. So, maybe it’s not that much like Costco. You do have to pay a membership fee though, which is what made me want to say it’s like Costco. Right now, they charge $59.95 annually. You do receive a 30-day free trial before you have to pay the annual fee, and from what I understand, you can place as many orders as you’d like during that trial period. Once that 30-day period is up, you’ll automatically get charged the annual membership fee unless you’ve canceled ahead of time.

Actual Savings from Thrive Market

Here’s a look at my some items from my recent orders from Thrive Market. I compared the prices I paid at Thrive to the prices I’d normally pay for the same (or similar) products. I don’t shop regularly at Whole Foods or other fancy natural stores, so I guessed I probably already paid less than their advertised “retail price.” My guess was right. Most of my “actual” prices below come from HEB… if the product isn’t stocked there, it’s from Target or GNC.

Thrive Market Price Comparison

So, I definitely saved money on these products. However, my actual savings were less than HALF of what Thrive said I’d be saving. That being said, I love Vega protein powder and it’s expensive as hell. Thrive saves me almost $6.74 per container… the rate my husband and I go through protein powder, that will easily add up to about $75 per year. I also try to use natural, unscented beauty care items (including natural deodorant I use – don’t stand too close to me at the gym), and I saw sizable savings on that too.

Plus, I received an additional 15% off my first order, which isn’t factored in. I’ve also received a bag of chia seeds, a container of coconut oil, and a container of chipotle mayo (all full-sized) for free. I actually use all those products, so that was pretty awesome. Between that and the savings on protein powder & personal care items, I was sold!

Overall Thrive Market Review

The Good:

  • Free 30-day trial period
  • For every membership purchased, they give away a free membership to low income
  • Good savings on certain items
  • No issues with shipping or the packaging products so far
  • Nice interface, pretty easy to find & browse products
  • Free shipping over $49
  • Most of the time there’s extra perks like free items or additional discounts

The Bad:

  • The fact you have to pay for an annual subscription fee
  • Some products are still cheaper at my local grocery store – Buyer beware!
  • I was excited to try to save some money on my fish oil supplements, but they have a limited selection and are almost always out of stock
  • You’ll still need to shop at your regular grocery store for produce, meat, etc. Thrive is just good for packaged products.

The Ugly:

  • To cancel your trial before you get charged for a membership, you have to fill out a form online then wait for a customer service rep to reach out to you. The rep tries to persuade you to stay before actually canceling the membership. So, if you’re a forgetful person, I could see it being really easy to accidentally pay the membership fee for the year. That being said, when I tried to cancel they offered me the membership at half price. The price reduction made me feel more confident it was worth the membership fee, so I ended up becoming a member. So, I guess their system is effective…

Final Verdict

For me, Thrive Market was a thumbs up. However, if it wasn’t for the type of protein powder I buy, I’m not sure if the savings would be worth the membership fee. Do your research! Also, try to do one large order spaced further out than smaller, frequent orders. This way, you’ll always get free shipping and qualify for extra bonus offers.

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