A Final Post (sort of)

Starting a New Chapter

On April 1st, I started a new chapter in my life. I passed my NASM exam to become a certified personal trainer, officially making me a “fitness professional.”

I am thrilled to be at a point where I can start sharing what I’ve learned and helping others on their fitness journey. It’s like I’ve finally gotten the green light to let my passion start pouring out of me.  

Yet, if you’re a child of the 90s like moi, you know that every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

From Blogger to Certified Personal Trainer

When I started the Ruff Tuff Cream Puff blog, I had no fitness industry experience or formal training. I wanted the blog to be from the perspective of someone outside of the industry… someone trying to balance time in the gym with their full-time job… someone trying to sort through the gimmicks and industry jargon to discover what it really means to be fit.

The blog started as a little side project, but I quickly realized I wasn’t satisfied. I enjoyed it, but I wanted more. I wanted to learn more, and I wanted to be able to help others more. Instead of satisfying my interest, blogging seem to light my interest on fire, turning it into a full-blown passion.

So, I started taking classes at the Fitness Trainer Academy here in Austin. I learned about kinesiology, biomechanics, and sports nutrition. I got hands-on experience perfecting my form and learning to coach others. I finished their program with my FTA-CPT & FTA-SN certifications and went on to tackle my NASM CPT.

What’s Next

So, here I am today… a fitness professional. I’ve gone down a totally different path than I expected when I first started the blog, and I’ve gained a lot of new experiences. My voice has changed. My perspective has changed. And I feel like it’s time to close this chapter.

I still plan to blog, but it will be from the perspective of a trainer & industry professional. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still the same girl who struggled to finish the mile run in high school. I still remember how hard it is to balance working out with working a job so demanding that it starts to consume your life. I still believe health doesn’t need to mean denying yourself a spontaneous happy hour with friends. I still believe there is no “perfect” size and healthy looks different for each individual.

However, I’m excited about the opportunity to be able to give more direct guidance and advice to others. I’m aiming to have my new site fully launched by early summer, where I’ll be blogging and offering more information about my services. If you are interested in working with me in a training capacity, I’ll be offering a special pilot group starting in May. Keep an eye on my Facebook & Instagram accounts next week – I’ll be changing over to my new name & providing details on how to sign up for the pilot group.

Goodbye as Ruff Tuff Cream Puff, but hello as Powerfully You.

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