Workout Playlist: Get Hyped Gym Mix

Workout Playlist

Nothing gets me more hyped for the gym than a great workout playlist. So, I want to start sharing playlists of my favorite workout jams with you all. And since they are all on Spotify, it is FREE! This first playlist is “Get Hyped” and filled with songs I like to listen to while hitting the gym. It is mostly hip-hop and rap, so if you don’t like those genres it may not be for you. Also, there are a lot of explicit lyrics, so if you’re not fond of swearing, it is definitely not for you.

I’m going to start trying to make a new playlist every month, so keep an eye out for September’s playlist and follow me on Spotify!

The playlist can also be found on Spotify by following this link.

Enjoy and let me know your favorite workout songs that I should include on future playlists.

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