Getting Started Lifting Weights

Getting Started at the Gym

How do I start lifting weights? A couple weeks ago a friend of mine was puffing up my ego and telling me how much she loved my blog. She said she’s enjoyed reading it and has been wanting to get… Continue Reading

The Intersection of Body Positivity & Fitness

Body Positive Fitness

Are body positivity & fitness two mutually exclusive things? This is a question that I’ve really been wrestling with for the past few years. I feel very strongly that they’re not, and they actually go hand in hand. However, our society… Continue Reading

Best Light Ice Cream: Arctic Zero vs Halo Top

Best Light Ice Creams

Ice Cream Alternatives Let’s talk about one of life’s greatest joys: ice cream. I love ice cream. I mean, doesn’t everybody? The thing is, ice cream doesn’t always love me back. A big bowl of ice cream usually means I’ll… Continue Reading