Self-Care Tips from a Massage Therapist

This is Ruff Tuff Cream Puff’s first guest post! Jade Nelson, LMT shares with us how we can help take care of our body through massage. Read below for her expert tips on self-care!

Everyone Deserves a Massage!

We as humans really push our bodies to the limit and most of the time past it. Our body talks to us all the time letting us know what is wrong. But are we listening to it? Maybe we are but our wallet says you can’t afford a massage right now. Don’t worry I got you covered till then!!

Self-Care Tips for When You Can’t Get in for a Massage

  1. The Tennis Ball is Your Best Friend

    There are a few ways to go about using the tennis ball. One: place the ball in a long sock, sling it over your back and roll up and down the wall. Two: lay on the floor and place the ball in the area giving you pain (maybe your shoulder or mid-back) and rest into it breathe deeply. This can also be done in bed while reading.

  1. Foam Rolling Rules

    Never an excuse have that foam roller in your living room and when you are watching television get down on the floor and roll those muscles out.

  1. Yoga

    I call yoga self-massage – you would be amazed at what an hour of deep breathing and gentle stretching can do. Can’t afford a class? That’s okay, there is this wonderful website that is called Do Yoga with Me. So many simple, short, long, focused and enjoyable classes. I have used this site for years.

  1. Ice, Ice baby

    An ice pack can be your best friend during acute phase of an injury or when you over work a muscle at the gym. My rule is 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off.

  1. Arnica Cream

    Arnica what? Arnica Cream can be found at Walgreens, CVS, and Central Market or just about any store these days. Rub it on your pain area. It helps with trauma and bruising and speeds up the healing process.

These are 5 simple tips I myself use all the time. Yep, a massage therapist needs help sometimes too. So if you find yourself without time or money for a massage use these tricks and see if it helps. But if you are in need of a massage, feel free to contact me. I offer all first time clients an introductory rate of $45 for your first massage.

You can contact me a few different ways:
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Jade Nelson is a Licensed Massage Therapist with over 10 years’ experience currently located Austin. In addition to massage Jade is also a Wellness Advocate educating individuals on whole body care diet and lifestyle.  Her passion for helping people in all aspects of self-care flows through each massage she provides. Her goal is to help each individual find their optimal self. She believes that healing the body is more than just giving a massage it’s about empowering individuals to heal themselves.

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